Tour leader in the battlefields of the Second World War and of historical tours of Sicily. For more than 20 years, it has been organizing the famous Husky Operation on Sicilian battlefields in areas of considerable historical and cultural interest. All our tours are accompanied by a team of historians and guides from the battlefields, extremely expert, who with enthusiasm, passion, attention to detail, will be able to revive participants the “memory of the past”.


We think, design and build for you. Impavidus has no presumption, he has only passion

“ Don’t be sure to learn the past from the lips of the present. Don’t trust even the most honest broker. Remember that what is said to you always has a triple aspect: it receives a certain form from the narrator, it is remodeled by the listener and is concealed from both by the dead whose story is told “.

Vladimir Vladimirovič Nabokov

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Private tours in the battlefields of the Second World War

The Association organizes guided tours for Syracuse and all of Sicily. For individuals and for groups with authorized guides. Archaeological and naturalistic tours. Also available a car rental service with and without driver, bus service and minibuses. Preparation of complete packages and the possibility of seeing the landing areas from above, by plane.

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Inside the Church of San Filippo

Italian station opposite the landing beaches of Licata

The military cemetery of Syracuse

Gela, Dirillo Bridge, Battlefields Tour

Interview to Ian Blackwell about his book presentation

The Sicilian coasts are still full of traces of battle dating back to the Landing. Great credit to our men of the Navy for their work

My Story

Roberto Piccione

Tourist Guide, expert in the history of the Second World War in Sicily and speaker for conferences on the Operation Husky. At the moment I am the only one to tour the battlefields of the Second World War in Sicily.

Specialized in WW2 History

Militaria Collector

Even as a child, having my father (who died in 2017 at the age of 96) war veteran and eye witness of the Landing in AVOLA (SR), I am passionate about history. First, I became a militaria collector and then I specialized in the history of the Second World War in Sicily.

In 1997, I publish an announcement in the local newspapers of some English cities, asking for information and contacts with veterans. I quickly receive hundreds of: letters, diaries, unpublished photos, etc., etc.

In the same year I decided to found the Impavidus Cultural Association. With the idea of remembering this part of History, very important and often forgotten, and above all remembering all men, regardless of their nationality or political faith, who fought and often died in that conflict.

Tour & Story

About me..

In 2003 I have the good fortune to meet and accompany a group of British and American glider pilots. From that moment I was contacted by the British Army and started to organize tours for the young Army Officers, who study the difference between modern warfare techniques and those of the 40s. In the meantime, he began a acquaintance with the former British Army Officer and writer (for Pen & Sword) Ian Blackwell, with whom a friendship was born and a collaboration that will lead to his Book (presented in Syracuse) Battle for Sicily Stepping Stone to Victory, and Mussolini Island. Beginning to promote tours also for schools.

In 2004 begin a collaboration with the English WW2 Historian Ian Murray who made a Film and publications about the landing in Syracuse.

Tourist guide

I am contacted by Rai, the Italian State television, and I participate, as an expert, in the broadcast “L’italiana” for Rai International, with Pietrangelo Buttafuoco. In the meantime I become a Tour Guide and I immediately become the referent for the Boscolo Tour for Syracuse, but being already employed by the Municipality of Syracuse, I have little time available but I specialize in custom tours for VIP clients, specifically: ww2 tour, food Tour, food & Wine tour.
I begin to study the western part of Sicily and I also specialize in the American landing sector (Gela, Licata) by starting collaborations with important local companies.
In 2014 I began several collaborations with the most important World Companies that deal with World War II Tour: Beyond Band of Brothers Tour (based in Hungary and the USA), The Cultural Experience (UK), Battleground Tours (USA), Grand Circle etc .

“Nazi Magastructures” TV Series

National Geografic

In October 2019 I inaugurate my B&B Sciala which I manage together with my wife (and I am lucky enough to inaugurate it by hosting the owner of Dominos Pizza America). This year a broadcast that talks about the trip to Sicily of British actor Ray Windstone should be released in England, and in one episode there will be a special about our meeting and the British landing. In May 2019, I worked as a local expert and guide, with National Geographic to make an episode about the landing in Sicily, of the television series Nazi Megastructures, with James Holland. Frequently I am invited to be a speaker at lectures on Operation Husky and at the moment I am the only one (however, the only title) to make this type of tour in Sicily (anyone can do or can improvise as a guide, but still I, after more than twenty years, I continue to study and document). Among my future projects, I would like to write a book on Operation Husky, telling the stories of some men involved.

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Roberto Piccione

Impavidus Day Tours
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My name is Roberto, I was born and raised in Syracuse, where I still live with my family. I have always loved my Sicily, its secrets, its history, its beauty, its traditions. This is the reason why I chose to graduate and specialize in the field of fine arts.

I love my profession, I live as a true blessing the fact of being able to work and spend my time immersed in this real “Book of Art and History” which is Sicily!

My constant attempt is to provide not only a beautiful lesson in art and history, but to make visitors penetrate the depths, the secrets, the traditions of Sicily, with the intention of making you fall in love with this immense heritage.