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Nature tourism is sustainable tourism proposed by impavidus That virtuously uses natural capital of Their Sicilian territory . Its main objective is to make tourism compatible with the needs and the natural rhythms of nature ; to reach it , you must develop a strong consciousness of the links between nature and man , That and the effects human activities, and even tourism have on the environment.
In Particular, the Eastern Sicily , offers a wide range of possibilities : Cava great river Cassibile The Oasis Vendicari Pantalica and the Valley dell'Anapo , the Parco dell ' Etna , marine reserve Plemmirio ( Syracuse ) . These are just some of our proposals .
Through the " guided tour " a landscape is not only the " outline" what is before our eyes , but the result of natural forces , actions , cultural constructs , the visible face of a thousand years of history . The guide then working in the direction dell'evidenziare These aspects , interpreting the expression geological , geographical , vegetation , fauna of the places visited , putting them at the same time in relation to the cultural constructions That human societies will have in writing .We Accompany our guests to nature in territories still preserved , protected, stolen and chaotic urbanization to overbuilding , resource -rich , large reservoirs of clean air , clear water , of mental and physical balance , silence , valuable sources of recharge and inspiration .The grounds of action are manifold : Hiking real , visits to national parks and protected areas , visits to botanical gardens and museums of natural sciences . All linked to the knowledge , leisure , to a newfound harmony with nature .Our hiking guides working in the field of outdoor tourism .


Casa vacanze

Un alloggio ideale a Siracusa, nel cuore di Ortigia, per chi ama una vacanza indipendente  e in piena liberta.

Casa Vacanze Eureka

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July 1943 ... some photos


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