July 2014: 71th landing anniv.

July 10, 2014 will be exactly seventyone years after the Allied landing in Sicily in 1943.

On this occasion, our Association will organize tours to the places of soldiers with all inclusive (transport - hotel - restaurants - excursions).

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Since our foundation we meet a lot of peoples and we receive from them a lot of tanksgiving's letters. We think that the best way for talk about us is to publish some of the letters ...

Mr. A. Leek (05/08/97)
He lost his best army pal during the landing. His friend's grave is on the Siracusa's war cemetery. Mr Leek asked us to send him some photos of the friend's grave. We did, and from that moment began a friendship .

Glider Pilot Reg. Association (23/07/03)
On July 2003, a group glider pilot, veterans from Sicily Landing 1943, came in Siracusa for the 60° Anniversary. We organized for them a lot of exhibitions, and a ceremony in Avola with some Italians veteran.

Fam. Molley (28/10/04)
On august 2004. They came for visit the tomb of their grandson, that was killed during the Husky operation. We guided them to the war cemetery of Siracusa.

Royal Signal Association - Mr Powell (09/06/05)
We organized a nice tour for him and his family. We found his landing zone, we discovered that was near Fontane Bianche, Siracusa. And we went there and in a lot of other places. When he came back home he published a nice article that talk about us. And also we received a letter from Royal Signals Association.

Rai International (29/12/05)
We organize a fantastic telecast for one of the most important Italians network. We prepared the transmission from Siracusa, and we find guests, memorabilia, locations etc.

British Embassy - Rome (10/07/06)
Since the beginning, we tried to establish a relationship with institutions. because we are convinced that un association that deals with history should always be in contact with them.

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