July 2014: 71th landing anniv.

July 10, 2014 will be exactly seventyone years after the Allied landing in Sicily in 1943.

On this occasion, our Association will organize tours to the places of soldiers with all inclusive (transport - hotel - restaurants - excursions).

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Impavidus was founded in October 2003, on the basis of an idea by Dr. Roberto Piccione. Tourist Guide and member of the Guild Guide Association, who has collected material on the July 1943 Allied landings in Sicily for more than 25 years, building an impressive archive of testimony, photos, uniforms and maps, concentrating on his home town of Siracusa and the nearby city of Avola.
Association membership is open to all adults.

The Association maintains contact not only with veterans of the landings, both British and American, many of whom piloted gliders, but also with the families of those who fell, and were interred in Siracusa.
2003 was the sixtieth anniversary of the landings at Siracusa, Catania and Avola. To mark this event we were honoured with the presence of a delegation from the Army Air Corps Glider Pilots’ Association, who paid their respects to the fallen in the War Cemeteries of Siracusa and Catania, laid a wreath at sea, and took part in a service of remembrance in Avola. One of the Association’s main objectives is to publish as soon as possible a book on Operations Husky and Ladbrooke.

Whatever the veterans’ nationality, the Association is apolitical, and in no way propagates or disseminates any political or ideological agenda. It is a non-profit organisation, existing to record the events of the past and recount this experience to younger generations. The Association also aims to foster a strong sense of international fraternity, encouraging encounters and cultural exchanges.
The Association organises exhibitions of the landings, and is currently in the process of establishing a permanent museum, which will tell the story of the valour and courage of the participants in those events.
In addition, the Association provides support and assistance, including organising transport and accommodation, to those who wish to visit the sights of the battles.

Impavidus is made up of veterans, their families and those of the fallen, historians, collectors of memorabilia, students of history, and so on. It is possible to donate memorabilia, photos etc, which will be used in exhibitions and the planned museum. A newsletter is published on a regular basis.
The Association regularly contributes articles in the local press and on its website, and it is anticipated that 2008 will see the publication of the book, which can be ordered in Italian or English.

Finally, Impavidus exists to provide the chance of doing something good, to educate the young, remember the sacrifices of the past, maintain contact and foster understanding between people, all within the framework of the culture of Sicily. Help us do this. Join today.


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Casa vacanze

Un alloggio ideale a Siracusa, nel cuore di Ortigia, per chi ama una vacanza indipendente  e in piena liberta.

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