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July 2014: 71th landing anniv.

July 10, 2014 will be exactly seventyone years after the Allied landing in Sicily in 1943.

On this occasion, our Association will organize tours to the places of soldiers with all inclusive (transport - hotel - restaurants - excursions).

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July ’43 Landing Beaches Tours , a journey into history : Two days tour

Day first

  • British Cemetery Siracusa
  • Ponte Grande Bridge, Siracusa

The conquest of the Ponte Grande Bridge was fundamental to the success of the landings in Siracusa. We will show you the sites and the maps and tell you what really happened.

  • Italian “Lamba Doria” Battery, Capo Murro di Porco, Siracusa.

We will help you to understand the strategic importance of this battery. A key element of Italian defence, the “Lamba Doria” battery was built on a cliff top overlooking the Gulf of Noto. It played a strategic role during the Sicily landings of July 9 1943.

  • Avola Beaches.

We will visit some of the beaches near Avola which were used for the landings.


Day Second

  • Landing Museum, Catania

Immerse yourself in the story of the landings… The museum is located in the centre of Catania and showcases a wonderful collection of uniforms,  weapons,  personal objects, maps and videos. We will guide you through the story of the landings.

  • British Cemeteries in Catania
  • German Cemetery in Motta S. Anastasia (Catania)

Here are laid to rest the bodies of the young soldiers who died during the battle for Sicily.

  • Primosole Bridge (zone), Catania

The fight between the Red Devils and the Green Devils for the conquest of the Primosole Bridge was one of the most famous battles in the Sicily campaign. We will guide you over the battlefield.

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1Wednesday, 03 April 2019 02:15
Sreven kolker
My wife, son (16) and myself will be in Sicily between June 16th and the 23rd. We were interested in a military tour. My son is interested in history including World War II. It would be great to walk around some of the battlegrounds and perhaps even find some relics.
Thank you

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