Come with us to see the places where the Operation Husky took place.  Visit a land rich in history.  Walk along the landings beaches and  go along the roads followed by the Allies as they advanced towards the Primosole bridge.  Visit the Landings Museum in Catania, the “Lamba Doria” and “Emanuele Russo” naval batteries in Syracuse, the hypogeum used as an air-raid shelter in Piazza Duomo, Syracuse, the Ponte Grande on the river Anapo, the airship hangar in Augusta.  A vast territory encompassing land and sea from citrus orchards to magnificent beaches.  A journey through the  military archeology of hundreds of small bunkers spread along the way which have remained intact for decades leaving a tragic memorial symbol.

All year long a personalized guided service for tour, with cars or mini bus.
Whe can provide also for food and accommodation: Restaurants, hotels, farmhouses, apartments e B&B. of all categories and prices.

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Fairey Fulmar wreck Print E-mail

A simple dive into the magnificent Siracusa sea to look at the wreckage of a British Fairey Fulmar plane, shot down in July ’43, which lies just off the coast at a depth of about 18 metres.

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The best way of understanding the allied landings of July ’43 is to take the Boat Trip along the Syracuse coast.  This will give you a vision similar to that had by the invading troops and hence a more realistic idea of how events unfolded.   Our guides have maps and photographic material to help [ … ]



Casa vacanze

Un alloggio ideale a Siracusa, nel cuore di Ortigia, per chi ama una vacanza indipendente  e in piena liberta.

Casa Vacanze Eureka